Hydraulic Rotary Gunite Machine

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The C-10HHD is a rotary bowl-type dry-mix gunite machine powered by a power take-off (PTO) connection and is designed for high production concrete construction applications. The C-10HHD is the shotcrete machine for contractors who want a durable gunite machine for concrete construction projects. The C-10HHD gunite machine provides maximum performance and efficiency due to its heavy-duty design and powerful output. The C-10HHD dry-mix shotcrete machine is exclusive to the gunite and shotcrete industry, offering a hydraulic motor to rotate the machine’s feed system. C-10HHD gunite machines are typically used with batch plants, which provide a power-take-off (PTO) to the motor on the shotcrete machine. The hydraulic motor reduces the overall amount of air needed to power the machine. The C-10HHD dry-mix gunite machine features a premium-life feed system, molded discharge liner and exhaust suppression chamber. A tilt-hopper provides easy access for cleaning and setup. All units include air line regulating valves, choice of high or medium-production feed system and hopper assembly.

Scroll down to our video library below to see the C-10 gunite machine on various dry-mix gunite projects, including gunite pool construction and concrete repairs. Both models, C-10SL and C-10HHD shotcrete machines are featured in the videos to illustrate how the machine is used to apply concrete materials by conveying with air through material hose and adding water at the nozzle. Other equipment from the entire spectrum of the shotcrete industry are shown as well–from large batch plants to finishing tools. our gunite machines are CE certified and approved for purchase in the European Union.


  • Six-Point Pad Holding
  • Exhaust Suppression Baffle
  • Hinged Hopper

Additional Information

Dimensions 51 × 51 × 59 in
Max Output

15 yd3/hr (11.5 m3)



Air Compressor Req

365-900 cfm

Hydraulic Power Req

Min 12 gpm at 1,800 psi

Feed System


Hinged Hopper


External Lubrication


Drive System


Outlet Size

1/5 to 2 in.

Max Aggregate

3/4 in. minus (19 mm)

Max Vertical

300 ft (91 m)

Max Horizontal

1000 ft (300 m)


28 x 37 x 41 in. (W x L x H)


740 lb (335 kg)

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