About Us

The Gunite Supply & Equipment Company began business in 1947 and has been the premier OEM of dry process shotcrete (gunite) equipment in the construction industry since the early beginnings of the Gunite process. Gunite Supply specializes in the design and manufacturing of the C-10SL & C-10HHD Rotary Bowl Gunite Machines, shotcrete parts, tools, and accessories.

Gunite Supply was founded by Mr. Ray Sexton and is a privately owned company, led today by Terry Sexton Segerberg, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with additional warehouses in Houston, Texas and La Verne, California; our quality machines are sold around the world through a network of direct sales, resellers, and distributors. Since our inception we have been proud to say that our entire product line is built in America from an American owned company—we are American Owned, American Built!

Gunite Supply is an active partner in the industries we service and are proud members of The American Shotcrete Association, The American Pool and Spa Association and The International Concrete Repair Institute.

Gunite Supply is a division of Mesa Industries, Inc., a family-owned corporation with diverse operating divisions across multiple industries.