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The Powder Monkey is the mining industry solution for loading ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil) into horizontal or vertical bore holes in the mining surface. We have over fifty years of experience building pressure vessels; each pressure vessel is coded and engineered to ASME specifications. The Powder Monkey ANFO loader features an exclusive plumbing assembly standard on each pressure vessel, the assembly includes aluminum air distribution manifold combined with stainless steel plumbing components. Simplified operator controls and heavy-duty pressure vessel construction keep the Powder Monkey working in the toughest conditions; the Powder Monkey ANFO loader is the most durable and efficient ANFO loader available for the mining industry.

Gunite Supply & Equipment supplies Powder Monkey pressure vessels to the mining industry for incorporation into a complete ANFO charging rig; the Powder Monkey is the trusted brand for pressure vessels on ANFO trucks built by manufacturers around the world. ANFO trucks include many features dependent on each manufacturer, such as maximum boom reach that supports multiple heading applications. ANFO trucks are purpose-built and designed to meet the rugged environments of underground mining. ANFO charging trucks are made for high speed and high density charging in all directions. High capacities are available for high speed charging and efficiency. Trucks include worker platform booms with extendable platform rising.

Gunite Supply & Equipment also supplies both anti-static nitrile hose and semi-conductive polyethylene tubing with the Powder Monkey which are used by the mining industry to place ANFO into blasting (bore) holes. Our ANFO hose has been field-tested and approved for over 50 years; contact an expert to learn more about the Powder Monkey.


  • ASME Certified
  • Rugged and Portable
  • Material Fill Valve
  • Valve Control Arm
  • Air Pressure Vent Valve
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Material Flow Valve
  • Multi-Position Discharge


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AN-FO Loader Models / Capacity

Model Vessel Capacity Diameter Overall Height Weight (empty)
PM-1.5-18 1.5 cu. ft / 75 lb. 18 in. 40 in. 145 lb.
PM-3-18 3 cu. ft. / 150 lb. 18 in. 54 in. 180 lb.
PM-6-24 6 cu. ft. / 300 lb. 24 in. 64 in 310 lb.
PM-9-26 9 cu. ft. / 450 lb. 26 in. 68 in. 510 lb.
PM-12-26 12 cu. ft. / 600 lb. 26 in. 77 in. 550 lb.
PM-12-42 12 cu. ft. / 600 lb. 42 in. 58 in. 735 lb.
PM-20-42 20 cu. ft. / 1,000 lb. 42 in. 74 in. 830 lb.
PM-24-42 24 cu. ft / 1,200 lb. 42 in. 74 in. 915 lb.
PM-30-42 30 cu. ft. / 1,500 lb. 42 in. 83 in. 945 lb.
PM-40-42 40 cu. ft. / 2,000 lb. 42 in. 95 in. 1,065 lb.
PM-40-48 40 cu. ft. / 2,000 lb. 48 in. 88 in. 1,130 lb.
PM-50-42 50 cu. ft. / 2,500 lb. 42 in. 108 in. 1,185 lb.
PM-50-48 50 cu. ft. / 2,500 lb. 48 in. 97 in. 1,235 lb.
PM-60-48 60 cu. ft. / 3,000 lb. 48 in. 104 in. 1,260 lb.

The above capacities are estimates based on liquid filled calculations and may vary from actual AN-FO loading capacities. For reference, 50 pounds AN-FO occupies approximately one cubic foot. The specifications are subject to change.

Powder Monkey

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