One of two crews working for Prestige Concrete Products (formerly Prestige Gunite) of Orlando, Florida is shown on a typical gunite pool job. The crew is using a dry-mix gunite mobile batch plant to proportion sand/cement and deliver to a gunite machine. The gunite machine includes a hydraulic motor, receiving its power source from the batch plant. The crew also uses an air compressor to propel the material from the gunite machine through the material hose. At the end of the hose, the shotcrete nozzleman adds water as the material is sprayed onto the surface. The crew finishes the pool shell with various tools, including fresnos, cutting rods and trowels. after approx. 2 hours of work the job is done and the pool shell is ready for the next step. Next a plastering company will likely add a layer of plaster over the gunite layer.
Prestige Concrete Products
Gunite Supply
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