Since the founding of Airplaco, we have been American Owned, American Built. This is a point of pride for us, and we believe our machines are better quality because we have chosen to continue with domestic manufacturing and ownership.

The biggest temptation surrounding companies that do business overseas is their pricing. However, you get what you pay for, and these low prices often come with hidden ethical costs. The American Government cannot control foreign labor standards, or environmental policies. Buying your construction machines from a guaranteed American-made company like Airplaco ensures that you’re making the best environmental choices and not supporting the exploitation of foreign workers. You’re also getting a higher quality of product. The term “Made in the USA” has always meant a superior product with excellent craftsmanship.

According to interviews conducted by Popular Mechanics, American manufacturers have an edge over foreign competitors because of speed, flexibility, customer service, and access to the skilled US workforce. We at Airplaco experience this first hand, as our employees and manufacturing partners provide an expertise that couldn’t be found overseas. We’re able to provide our customers with real information, and work with them in a fast and accommodating way. Our machines are durable, reliable, and you can count on our manufacturing process.

Although our manufacturing is domestic, our sales have gone international. We utilize a network of direct sales, re-sellers, and distributors to get our machines in the hands of professional contractors all around the globe. This allows us to put money back into our community of Cincinnati, OH, as well as the communities in Houston, TX, and La Verne, CA that are home to our warehouses. We’re proud of this, and by doing business with us, you become a partner in enriching the economic well-being of these cities and their residents.

We’re also proud to partner with and be able to gain information and industry knowledge from so many American organizations. Among them are The American Shotcrete Associations, The Mason Contractor’s Association of America, and The American Pool and Spa Association. By interconnecting with these organizations, our business practices have been informed and shaped in ways that benefit American workers and consumers.

We’d be so honored to give you more information about our quality, American-made machines. Contact us to begin our partnership today!