Dear Friends and Colleagues

I am deeply sad to share with you that our founder and my father, Ray Sexton, passed away on September 30, 2016.  For those of you who knew him personally, I know that you will agree that he was truly a unique human being.

Born in Ohio and raised by his mother he learned at a very young age that through hard work and focus you can accomplish just about anything.  The proof was that he joined the Army Air Corps at the age of 17 and later graduated from Kent State University in three years.

He and my mother, Jean Sexton, were a well-balanced team who migrated to California seeking great opportunities.  Together they raised four children and shared a 67-year journey building a wonderful life.

Mesa was their destiny.  They started it with a small fund they managed to save just for the purpose of starting their own business.  Mesa was his way of supporting our family.  As the company grew it became equally important to him to support our employees and their families.

Our lives are rich with memories of my dad.  He was known for his ability to “tinker” and figure out just about any problem, anywhere.  He was able to draw self-confidence and respect out of those he met in a remarkable way.  Drawing talent out of each person and guiding them to go just a little further.  His humor was a tool he employed generously at home and at work.

Other than my mom and siblings, dad’s heart was softened by his 6 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.  All of whom were cradled in his arms as babies. The older ones grew up to know this wonderful man and have been influenced by his life’s story.

Perhaps because of his own difficult childhood, dad had an unexpectedly deep streak of compassion.  He was especially sensitive to single mothers and those facing financial challenges.  Over the years we had many conversations that showed how important these people were to him.  His gestures of kindness always protected the dignity of those he aided and were always done with complete privacy.

If you choose to aid us in celebrating his life, we would like to encourage you to make a donation to St. Joseph Orphanage, an orphanage, and foster care facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Their address is 5400 Edalbert Dr., Cincinnati, OH  45239. Attention: Lisa Caminiti.  These funds will be used to enrich the lives of the children in their care.



Terry Sexton Segerberg

Daughter & CEO